Myanmar ISIS / NUPI Research Capacity Building Project

Myanmar Institute of Strategy and International Study (Myanmar ISIS) and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) entered into a memorandum of understanding on the 22nd May 2015 to collaborate and conduct joint research and development activities.

A number of collaborated activities were identified and this project has particularly focus on developing research capacity of Myanmar ISIS. The activities include recruitment of local researchers of different calibers ranging from research interns who are current university students to the senior fellows with a few years of experience, typically form universities and academic institutions in the country. The outcome of the project is to develop a research culture in the field of internal relations.

The central part of the project is for Myanmar’s foreign policy researchers to conduct policy research and to produce policy briefs and research papers with international and regional aspects. The primary output of the project is to produce ten policy briefs associated by the op-eds in Myanmar media. Follow by two policy seminars and two research training at Myanmar ISIS involving relevant stakeholders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Relations Departments from universities taking part in the program.

The project also intends to host a policy seminar at the national level along with other ASEAN ISIS institutions by the end of 2016. This project also includes scholars exchange program and four Myanmar’s scholars from different backgrounds and age groups will be invited to NUPI in Oslo for collaborative researches.

In order to strengthen ties and to further promote close and friendly relations between Norway and Myanmar, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry has kindly supported this project.

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Hpakant’s Tragedy: Policy recommendations to gradually reduce the vicious cycle of catastrophe


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