Indian President Expresses Support for Myanmar During State Visit

During his five-day visit to Myanmar, the Indian president has held talks with the State Counselor and President, reiterating India’s support for peace and development in Myanmar.


From The Irrawaddy

Three Armed Groups Offer to Stop Fighting, Enter Peace Talks

"We desire to take a political approach instead of a military approach and will first stop military actions in order to be able to achieve peace," the groups said.

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From The Irrawaddy

Weeding Out Foreigners: Strains over Thailand’s Legalization of Marijuana

Patent requests filed by foreign pharmaceutical firms could see them dominating the potentially lucrative market and make it harder for researchers to access marijuana extracts.


From The Irrawaddy

Vietnam Seeks Arrest of Activist Over Facebook Posts

Police in Vietnam have issued an arrest warrant for an activist accused of trying to overthrow the state by posting pro-democracy materials on Facebook.

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Pakistan Denounces Blacklisting by US for Religious Freedom Violations

Pakistan joins Myanmar, China, North Korea and other countries which the US sees as having violated religious freedoms or tolerated abuses against religious groups.

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From The Irrawaddy

Trump Intervention Comment May be Gift to Huawei CFO

Trump told Reuters he would intervene in the U.S. Justice Department's case against Meng if it would serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with China.


From The Irrawaddy

In Fear of the State: Bangladeshi Journalists Self-Censor as Election Approaches

Recently enacted laws have made it increasingly difficult to report freely, especially on issues surrounding corruption, human rights abuses and bad governance.

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