Malaysian State to Cane a Third Woman for Infringing Islamic Law

A religious court in a Malaysian state ruled by an Islamist party has ordered the jailing and caning of a woman who pleaded guilty to offering sexual services.

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Analysis: NLD Cozying Up to Beijing as Ties with West Fray

Ruling party delegations are beating a path to Beijing’s door as Chinese Communist Party hosts ‘goodwill’ and ‘training’ visits and fosters party-to-party ties

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From The Irrawaddy

Army Frees Shan Civilians Detained over Soldiers’ Disappearance

RCSS denies detaining missing troops, says they probably deserted their posts

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Myanmar Signs Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons

After speculation surrounding the country’s North Korea ties in the early 2000s, it was agreed that signing the treaty would clear up suspicions on Myanmar’s nuclear weapon policy.

From The Irrawaddy

Yangon Parliament Approves New Attorney General

Daw Khin Myo Kyi, a former director with the Union Attorney General's Office, replaces U Han Htoo, who was arrested this month for allegedly taking bribes to drop a murder case.


From The Irrawaddy

NLD to Purge Ineffective Members of Parliament

In order to strengthen its team in the run-up to the 2020 general elections, the NLD says it intends to oust the party’s weakest members of Parliament.

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Previous Administration In Mandalay Starts Returning Disputed Funds

The chief minister of Mandalay said the previous administration has returned $314,000 in funds it failed to properly account for while in power in the first of four installments.


From The Irrawaddy

Political Prisoners Group Joins Calls for Release of Abducted Shan Woman

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners released a statement on Thursday calling for the release of Nang Mo Hom citing the risks she faces as a prisoner of the TNLA.

From The Irrawaddy

Lawmakers Ask President to Help Get Small-Scale Mining in Kachin Approved

The lawmakers say small-scale amber and gold mining would create jobs and is better for the environment than large, commercial operations that use heavy machinery.

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From The Irrawaddy

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