Archivist Salvages Myanmar’s Neglected Photographic History

Overlooked in favor of foreigners since colonial times, local photographers left a rich legacy of images, Austrian photographer and historian says

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Charges Against Aung San Statue Protesters Dropped, But Dispute Lingers

“Dropping the cases is just a part of it. The root cause of this is the forced installation of the statue against the will of the people," said Khun A Than, one of the protesters.


From The Irrawaddy

Without Public Support, Military Risks Losing Five Townships to AA

ANP-dominant Rakhine parliament votes down military proposal calling for public support of army following heavy losses. AA suggests referendum to measure actual public support.

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Journey to Mogok’s Elusive Valley of Rubies

Mogok is an emerging destination for travelers in Myanmar looking for a glimpse of the legendary ruby trade in a town complimented by impressive vistas and a chilly climate.


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Naga Rebel Group Warns of ‘Problems’ if Military Keeps Up Pressure

"Our region will have problems if they do not stop their military operations in our area,” said U Kyaw Wan Sein, a member of the NSCN-K’s central executive committee.

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From The Irrawaddy

Mongla Official Denies Chinese Firm Permitted to Set Up Autonomous Digital Economic Zone

In widely circulated video, creators of ‘Yongbang Blockchain SEZ’ in Shan State promise ‘e-citizenship’ to all

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