Let’s strengthen the country with enhanced efficiency and capacity

By Zwe Civil service personnel, as well as the public, have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Government servants have […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Better preparedness will mitigate losses from severe weather patterns

For the next three months: March, April and May, the people in Myanmar will be exposed to high-temperature, gale-force winds […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Civil servants’ loyalty towards the country

By Maung Mya Tha The body structures of human beings are extraordinary. According to Buddha’s words, the individuals are driven […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Mustard, other crops grown on manageable scale using underground water in Minbu Township 

The local farmers from Kyauktan village in Minbu (Sagu) Township are growing the vegetables using the underground water. This year, […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Mt Zinghmuh to be developed as tourist destination

Mount Zinghmuh, the third highest peak in Chin State, located between Haka town and Thantlang town, Falam township in Chin […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Two-vehicle collision kills two in Mong Phyat

Two men were killed following a head-on car crash in Mong Phyat Township in Tachilek District, Shan State (East) on […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Watermelon supply exceeds demand as about 1,300 trucks stuck in Muse depot

Although watermelon is fetching a good price after the Chinese New Year, about 1,300 trucks are now stranded in Muse […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Myanmar mineral exports plunge by $521 mln as of 19 February

The value of Myanmar’s mineral exports has drastically fallen to US$447 million as of 19 February in the current financial […]

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

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