Survivors Mark 15th Anniversary of Depayin Massacre

Daw Aung Saw Suu Kyi has forsworn vengeance, but many lament lack of accountability for attack that killed at least 70 NLD members and supporters.

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‘To Kill and Mutilate Was Their Purpose’: A Survivor of the Depayin Massacre

A survivor of the Depayin Massacre in 2003 describes how regime-linked thugs attacked a convoy in rural Sagaing Region that included Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

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Armed Group Leader Blames Panglong Delay on Military’s Demands

Nai Hong Sar, of the New Mon State Party, said the military wants armed groups to promise not to secede before it agrees to a date for the next peace conference.

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Heavy Winds Whip Yangon, Damaging Hundreds of Homes

Nearly 400 houses were damaged in Yangon’s Shwepyithar Township by storm winds during the early hours of Tuesday.

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Tatmadaw Will Cease Operations in Kachin on Govt’s Order: Defense Secretary

The Tatmadaw is ready to obey if the president orders a stop to military operations in Kachin State in line with the law, said the permanent secretary of the Defense Ministry.


From The Irrawaddy

Rural Poor Squeezed by Land Concessions in Mekong Region: Report

"While agricultural output and exports are growing in the Mekong as a result of the concessions, the benefits have not reached smallholders and indigenous people," said Ingalls.


From The Irrawaddy

Myanmar Lawyer Says Evidence from Reuters Reporters’ Phones May Be ‘Tainted’

Defense lawyer says evidence may be tainted because at least one phone was used after it was confiscated.

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Transforming Urban Wasteland into Gardens, One Alley at a Time

Doh Eain organization gets local communities in downtown Yangon involved in turning alleyways into green spaces

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Parliament Probes Hefty Door Polishing Bill

The Union Parliament has investigated this year's expense for polishing the parliamentary buildings' teak doors following a lawmaker's surprise at the substantial sum.

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