Transport plane crashed due to adverse weather: investigators

The military transport plane that disappeared on 7 June with 122 on board crashed after losing control during adverse weather conditions, according to an investigation and analysis by the...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

GNLM interviews Telenor Myanmar CEO Mr. Lars Erik Tellmann

Mr. Tellmann responded to written GNLM questions via email Q: Why did you want to invest into Myanmar’s telecommunication sector? A: Myanmar’s telecommunications sector was one of the wor...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Democracy film festival to commemorate World Democracy Day

A work committee meeting to organize a democracy film festival in commemoration of World Democracy Day was held yesterday in Myanmar Radio and Television meeting room on Pyay Road, Yangon...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

UN in Rakhine “not constructive”: National Security Advisor

The National Security Advisor told diplomats yesterday that a UN mission looking into allegations of abuses against the Tatmadaw would only “aggravate” troubles in the western part of Rak...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

State Buddhist Authority Stands its Ground

Ma Ha Na reiterates that it has officially announced that action will be taken for failure to remove Ma Ba Tha signboards.

The post From The Irrawaddy

Rights Groups Call for Justice Ahead of Thailand, Myanmar Trafficking Verdict

Defendants stand accused of trafficking Rohingya and Bangladeshi nationals.

The post From The Irrawaddy

As the World Moves to Renewable Energy, Myanmar Will Follow

Renewable energy expert Hans-Josef Fell discusses how Myanmar can develop its energy plan.

The post From The Irrawaddy

‘Building a New Burma’

Just weeks before his death 70 years ago tomorrow, Bogyoke Aung San outlined wide-ranging ideas for reviving the country’s then-broken economy.

The post

From The Irrawaddy

Reporter’s Notebook: Has China’s Pipeline Project Benefited Maday Island Locals?

A large pipeline project provides significant revenue for the Myanmar govt, while locals say they see few benefits.

The post From The Irrawaddy

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