In Power Hungry Philippines, Some Advocate a Nuclear Revival

As power demand soars in its fastest-growing economy, the Philippines' energy ministry is looking seriously again at nuclear power.

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Myanmar Judge Allows Documents Police Say Came from Reuters Reporters’ Phones

The defense lawyer argued against admitting the documents, saying it was unclear who has had access to the phones and whether appropriate procedures were followed.

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Amnesty International Shares Evidence of “Gruesome” ARSA Massacre

The report makes Amnesty the first international rights group to shed light on what it calls "the largely under-reported human rights abuses" by ARSA in Rakhine State last year.


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Enjoy Authentic Kayan Cuisine with a River View in Yangon

Vista Do Rio offers the perfect weekend treat for those looking to try some ethnic flavors

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‘Business for Peace’ Model Utilized in Nationwide Peacebuilding

A social enterprise initiative to support sustainable peace and development has been in progress since last year.

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Drivers Fired After Alleged Beating by Ne Win’s Grandsons Seek Compensation

Men seek financial redress from Yangon labor panel after minor accident led to assault, dismissal.

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Tour Operators Predict Drop in Arrivals This Year

Operators say they expect foreign arrivals to decline this year with vacationers in western countries canceling their bookings following the unrest in northern Rakhine State.


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Illicit Drug Production Rages on in Conflict-torn Areas of Myanmar

Myanmar reduced opium cultivation by 25 percent last year at the national level, but production in northern Shan State and Kachin State did not decline, the UNODC stated.

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Two Anti-war Demonstrators Jailed for 2 Months Over Yangon Protest

Court says pair failed to seek permission; the pair claims Peaceful Assembly Law used to stifle dissent.

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