Army Enters the Fray around Namtu, Clashing with TNLA

Fighting follows hostilities between Ta'ang National Liberation Army and SSA-North in same area

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Collateral-Free Loans Trialed for Small Farmers in Naypyitaw

SMIDB to lend 500,000 kyats per acre to 15 vegetable growers in trial government program

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No Need to Approve Yangon Expansion Plan Again, Chief Minister Says

U Phyo Min Thein said his government would not submit the new Yangon city project to Parliament because it was already approved during the administration of President U Thein Sein.

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China’s Multi-Story Hog Hotels Elevate Industrial Farms to New Levels

As China pushes ahead with industrialization of the world's largest hog herd, companies are experimenting with high-rise housing for pigs despite the costs.

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Trump Seeks ‘Very Meaningful’ Summit in Singapore with North Korea

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he had high hopes of "doing something very meaningful" to curtail North Korea's nuclear ambitions at a summit in Singapore next month.


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Poverty and Politics Trip Up Urban Refugees in India

Rohingya and other refugees in India face suspicion and harassment, and a long fight to secure jobs, homes and documentation.

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Government Slams OIC’s Dhaka Declaration on Rohingya Crisis as ‘Unfair’

Foreign Ministry criticizes statement’s failure to condemn ARSA, rejects ‘ethnic cleansing’ claim

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Yangon Chief Minister Unveils 5-Point Vision for Economic Growth

U Phyo Min Thein said boosting the city’s economy would be one of his priorities this year, along with improving the rule of law and cleanliness — some of Yangon's main challenges.

From The Irrawaddy

KNU Renews Call for Tatmadaw to Halt Militarization of Papun

Trust in NCA is being eroded by military’s moves, Karen group says

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