More Than 1,000 New IDPs Reported in Kachin State

The displaced have sought refuge in two churches in Namti town, following clashes between the Myanmar Army and the KIA.

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Naga Faction Signing NCA Hinges on Cross-border Agreement

The Naga NSCN-K faction says it will not sign the ceasefire agreement unless it covers Naga people in both Myanmar and India.

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Impossible to Remove Tatmadaw from Politics: Army Colonel

Representatives from both sides of Myanmar’s government spar over civilian-military relations at a public forum in Naypitaw.

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India Plans to Deport Rohingya, Regardless of UN Registration

India considers 40,000 Rohingya Muslims illegal immigrants, despite many of them registering as refugees.

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Army Orders Villagers to Stay Out of Rakhine’s Mayu Mountains

The verbal order follows intensified troop deployment in the region.

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Myanmar Army Questions NMSP After it Defies Military Parade Ban

The New Mon State Party held a military parade on Mon Revolution Day after being banned by the Myanmar Army from doing so anywhere but party headquarters.

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No Easy Way to Improve Myanmar’s Economy, Experts Say

At a forum on economic development in Naypyitaw, NLD and military economists lock horns on combatting Myanmar’s sluggish economy.

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Govt Security Adviser Defends Rakhine Troop Deployment

Says enhanced troops are solely for security purposes and that security in the region is the responsibility of the Myanmar Army.

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Hundreds Protest Aid Agencies in Rakhine

Buddhist monks and members of the Rakhine ethnic group held demonstrations in 15 towns, including state capital Sittwe.

The post From The Irrawaddy

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