Poor Prospects for Peace in Face of Military Might

The Irrawaddy discusses the latest developments in Myanmar's peace process and the obstacles impeding progress.

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China Condemns Myanmar Border Violence

China condemns fighting between Myanmar government troops and ethnic militants near the Chinese border, which has caused people to flee into Chinese territory.

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Peace Talks Ignite Land Buying Frenzy Along South Korea’s Fortified Border

Demand for property in small towns and sparsely populated rural areas around the DMZ is surging on expectations of an influx of people and investment.

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Malaysia’s New Govt Says to Redefine Fake News Law, Not Abolish It

"Even though we support freedom of press and freedom of speech, there are limits," Mahathir said in a live telecast on state TV.

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Nearly 20 Killed in TNLA Attack on Outskirts of Muse

Most of the dead are civilians; TNLA confirms attack on security post and casino, blames deaths on Tatmadaw

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Could Informal Talks Revitalize the Peace Process?

Amid growing militarization, ethnic groups, peace negotiators and other stakeholders say the process no longer fosters open discussion

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Govt Official’s Bias for ‘Peace Journalism’ Sparks Media Backlash

An Information Ministry official said the government was granting special access to conflict zones to reporters who don't "fuel the flames."

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Sharky’s Offers a Familiar, Excellent Experience in the Heart of Bagan

Converted old theatre is delightful setting for legendary restaurant’s mostly organic Western menu

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Industrial Zones Planned in 11 Yangon Townships

Chief minister says scheme aims to address unequal development; YCDC vows farmers will be paid for land at market rates

The post From The Irrawaddy

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