Defense Council, Not President, to Decide Military Chief’s Retirement Age

Under Constitution, military personnel not subject to standard civil service regulations, Civil Service Board spokesman says.

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Muslim Teacher Falls Victim to Travel Restrictions in Rakhine

Having never seen Yangon, Ma Raw Mie decided to visit Myanmar's bustling commercial capital without telling anyone. She is now serving a one-year prison sentence with hard labor.


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President Calls for Nationwide Anti-drug Groups to Include Civilians, Civil Society

President U Win Myint called for the formation of anti-drug committees at the township, district, regional and state levels across the country.

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Yangon Govt Criticized for Proposed Car Purchases

The regional govt proposed buying 10 Ford cars at a cost of 100 million kyats each for official use in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

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Shan State Parliament Refuses to Let Lawmaker Raise ‘Human Shield’ Allegations

All armed groups said to use the practice in mined areas but Tatmadaw singled out as worst offender.

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After 40 Years, Artist Returns to His Darkest Days as a Prisoner

San Minn’s paintings and installations depict the bitterness, hardship and fear that fill a prisoner’s day.

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China’s Free Trade Talks with Sri Lanka Hit Major Hurdles

Free trade agreement talks hit major hurdles, mainly because Beijing will not agree to Colombo's demand for a review of the deal after 10 years, Sri Lanka's top negotiator said.


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Rohingyas at ICC Demand Justice Over Myanmar Deportations

Families asked the court to examine allegations not only of deportation but persecution and what they called genocide by the Myanmar military against the Muslim Rohingya minority.


From The Irrawaddy

UN and Myanmar Agree Outline of Rohingya Return Deal, No Details

The UN said it struck an outline deal with Myanmar aimed at eventually allowing hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims sheltering in Bangladesh to return safely and by choice.


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