Buddha’s Teaching and the Problems in Rakhine State

Readers’ Perspectives: The issues in the strife-torn region stem from migration; this is not a religious conflict, writes Kyaw Lat.

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NLD Stands by Commitment to Amend 2008 Constitution

At the second party congress, lawmakers welcome criticism and reaffirm campaign promises.

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US Plans Limits on Chinese Investment in US Technology Firms

The US Treasury Dept is drafting curbs that would block firms with at least 25 percent Chinese ownership from buying US companies with "industrially significant technology.”


From The Irrawaddy

Singapore Says Trump-Kim Summit Cost Just $12M, After Some Question Expenses

Most of the money went to security, the foreign ministry said, without giving a detailed breakdown.

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NLD Begins Second Party Congress to Elect New Executive Committee

The NLD party representatives are urged to work harder to win the public trust and public support.

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What Legacy For ‘The Lady?’

On the occasion of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's 73rd birthday, The Irrawaddy discusses her main achievements and failures and what legacy she is likely to leave behind.

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From The Irrawaddy

Who is Dawei Gyi, aka U Aung Lwin, a key suspect in the Malaysia drug haul?

Dawei businessman has interests in hotels, property and a security firm

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Study Warns of Public Backlash to China’s BRI Projects

New research warns China's Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor could face stiff public resistance if the projects fail to engage local communities.

From The Irrawaddy

Artist Paints Portraits of Longtime Heroes

Zaw Moe Thae showcases portraits of people he admires. He has never met these people in person but knows them through books and bedtime stories told by his mother.

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