EU Sanctions Myanmar Generals Over Rohingya; Myanmar Says Two Are Fired

The seven senior military officials face asset freezes and are banned from traveling to the EU.

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Myanmar Now Reporters Threatened With Arrest by Military

Editor says officers briefly detained journalists working on story of disabled child soldier.

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Date Set for Third 21st Panglong Conference 

UPC Secretariat Proposes July 11 Start for Latest Round of Peace Talks

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International Pressure Over Rohingya Crisis Tests NLD, Army Relations

Relations between the NLD government and Myanmar army appear to be hanging by a thread with their leaders at loggerheads over international involvement in the Rohingya crisis.


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Rakhine Commission Criticizes Govt Spokesman For Calling it a ‘Shield’

In a new report, the advisory commission says the spokesman undermined its work by claiming its role was to shield the government from international criticism.

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New Yangon City Project CEO Questioned About Role of Chinese Firm

Serge Pun says framework agreement would see NYDC provide land to China Communications Construction Co. for infrastructure projects.

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NLD Will ‘Not Defend Any Human Rights Violators’

Allowing UN special envoy to set up office in Naypyitaw shows government’s willingness to work with international community.

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USDP to Contest Upcoming By-Election

The Union Solidarity and Development Party has not made preparations although it has decided to contest the upcoming by-election in November, said the party spokesperson.

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Government to Ignore ICC Request for Response on Rohingya Case

President’s Office says court is trying to increase international pressure on Naypyitaw.     

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