Rice transporters avoid flooded roads with Ayeyawady River route

Heavy monsoon rains have flooded northern roads, leading rice transporters to take the unusual step of using the Ayeyawady River from Mandalay to Bahmo, about 50 miles from the Chinese bo...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

China accounts for 95 per cent of Myanmar’s fruit exports

China accounts for 95 per cent of Myanmar’s fruit exports, more than 200,000 tons worth, this financial year according to a representative of  the Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Prod...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Rakhine State Government pledges greater support to displaced Maungtaw residents

Rakhine State government held an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss how to normalize Maungtaw Township, Rakhine State, according to the Myanmar News Agency. Chief Minister of Rakhine...

From Global New Light Of Myanmar

Analysis: Modi in Myanmar

India is dependent on Myanmar to develop connectivity to the rest of Asia, and that cannot be overlooked, writes Bidhayak Das.

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Maungdaw Declared Military ‘Operational Area’

‘This is approval that decisive actions can be taken against terrorist organizations in clearance operations,’ said a police major.

The post From The Irrawaddy

Gold Mining Sending ‘Toxic Waste’ Into Shan Villages

Recent flooding renews local calls to halt gold mining operations in eastern Shan State for environmental and health concerns.

The post From The Irrawaddy

Malala Calls on Fellow Laureate Suu Kyi to Condemn Rohingya Treatment

Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner says ‘world is waiting.’

The post From The Irrawaddy

Chinese Special Envoy Meets Myanmar Vice President Over Rakhine Attacks

China has financial interests in the region regarding its One Belt One Road initiative and a deep-sea port in Kyaukphyu.

The post From The Irrawaddy

Journalists Wait for Court to Drop Charges

Court plans hearing for Sept. 15 to formally withdraw case against three reporters.

The post From The Irrawaddy

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