Post-Independence History Told Through Artists’ Memories

“This exhibition isn’t about looking at old art from past years. It’s about creating new art to recall past decades,” said Htein Lin.

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Warrant Issued for Thaksin Over 2006 Loan to Myanmar Junta

The action follows the former Thai premier's failure to appear for a hearing into the corruption case.

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Trapped Thai Team Gets Diving Lessons as Rescuers Weigh Extraction

Officials have dismissed as speculation reports that the boys could be trapped for up to four months, although supplies have been prepared for that period of time.

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Killings Sow Fear Inside Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is deploying thousands of extra police to Rohingya refugee camps after a series of mostly unexplained killings.

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Army-Backed Mytel Ordered to Halt ‘Shake’ Program

Lucky draw by Myanmar’s newest telecom operator offers free service in violation of industry rules, regulator says

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Families of Detained Reuters Reporters Struggle to Stay Positive

Ahead of a court ruling that will decide whether the reporters are charged or released, their families continue to hope for the best.

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Obsession With Statues Only Fuels Distrust in Union Government

To truly honor Gen. Aung San’s vision, states should spend the money on developing remote areas

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All Members of Northern Alliance Invited to Attend Panglong Peace Conference

The degree to which the various FPNCC groups will be allowed to participate remains unclear, however.

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Corruption Czar Puts Bribe Payers on Alert

Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman U Aung Kyi warned that those who pay bribes will also be punished, not just those who take them.

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