GAD Chief Appointed Deputy Union Gov’t Office Minister

Move facilitates transfer of key department from military to civilian gov’t control

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Villagers Forced to Flee During Ceasefire Period

Interethnic conflict in Natmu, northern Shan State has sent hundreds of villagers fleeing for safety just weeks after the Myanmar military’s ceasefire announcement.

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Myanmar Opens Up to Foreign Insurance Companies

The Ministry of Planning and Finance will grant licenses for up to three fully foreign-owned life insurers and allow a number of local-foreign partnerships.

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Road Toll on ‘Death Highway’ Drops in 2018

103 people killed in accidents on Yangon-Mandalay Highway last year; decline from 2017 attributed to enforcement of speed limits, seatbelt laws

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Protests in India After Women Defy Ancient Ban on Visiting Hindu Temple

The uproar surrounding the issue has put the topic of religion, which can be highly contentious in India, squarely on the political agenda months before May’s general.

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No Rest for the Dead: Singapore Digs Up Graves for Highways

As space becomes more scarce in the city state with a population expected to rise to 6.9 million by 2030, Singapore continues to clear dozens of cemeteries for development.


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China’s Xi Threatens Taiwan with Force but Also Seeks Peaceful ‘Reunification’

Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen has rejected Xi’s calls for reunification and urged China to embrace democracy.

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