Al Qaeda Warns Myanmar of ‘Punishment’

Islamist group behind the Sept. 11attacks urge Muslims around the world to support their fellow Muslims in Myanmar with aid, weapons and ‘military support.’

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Rakhine State Education Department Instructs Staff to Return to Duty

Education department instructs staff who fled violence in the state to return to duty by September 17.

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A Struggle for Authority

On the 10th anniversary of Myanmar’s Saffron Revolution, we revisit anthropologist Gustaaf Houtman’s insights on how the military legitimized their rule.

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Senate Leader Opposes ‘Lecturing’ Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

US Senate Republican leader describes State Counselor as Myanmar’s ‘greatest hope.’

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What Have NGOs Done Wrong in Rakhine?

Arakanese political commentator Aung Myo Oo contemplates why ethnic Arakanese in Rakhine harbor animosity against aid organizations.

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Continue Aid for Displaced Camps: Karen Organization

Karen displaced people experience dwindling support from international donors.

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Govt Eyes Six Billion Dollar Foreign Investment in 2017-18 Fiscal Year

Foreign investment since April is at more than $3.5 billion, according to the finance ministry.

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State Counselor Will Not Attend UN General Assembly to Focus on Internal Issues

Vice President Henry Van Thio will lead Myanmar’s UN delegation so the state counselor can focus on internal affairs, says the foreign affairs ministry.

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Myanmar Faces Mounting Pressure Over Refugee Exodus

Pressure mounts on Myanmar to end violence that has sent some 370,000 self-identifying Rohingya Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh.

The post From The Irrawaddy

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