Eight Tourist Attractions That You Must See in Yangon

From history to adventure to food, Myanmar’s main city offers visitors a unique experience

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ANP’s Criticism of Government in Peace Conference Speech Sparks Controversy

UPDJC bloc disavows comments, which upset Daw Aung San Suu Kyi; Rakhine politicians say major parties have never been asked to self-censor

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Transparency Concerns Raised About 7 Dam Projects in Southern Myanmar

Villagers have already been displaced without compensation, Karen Human Rights Group says

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Military Chief’s Comment on Tatmadaw ‘Representing’ the People Draws Backlash Online

Critics post ‘Tatmadaw doesn’t represent me’ on social media in riposte to senior general’s speech to Union Peace Conference.

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Wa Delegate Faints Before Meeting With State Counselor, Rushed to Hospital

A UWSA spokesman said Bao Yu Yi, the armed group's vice chairman, fainted from heat stroke but was recovering.

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NDAA ‘Will Sign the NCA at the Appropriate Time’

Mongla Group supports peace, but the path to that goal is not the same for all groups, general secretary U Kyi Myint says.

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Wild Boars’ Story Shows Happy Endings Do Happen

A competently led rescue operation, selfless teamwork and a cast of inspiring characters captivated the world, and had Myanmar wondering, what if …

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Advocacy Groups Seek Gender Equality Policy

Women’s advocacy groups urged delegates attending the Panglong Peace Conference this week to push for a gender equality policy regarding women’s representations across all sectors.

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Noted Myanmar Environmentalist Dies

U Ohn, a devoted environmentalist, died on Wednesday of natural causes at the age of 91 at his residence in Yangon’s Mayangone Township.

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