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Dec 13, 2018

Roundtable on the Korean Peninsula convene

Following the bilateral discussions between IDP of DPRK and Myanmar ISIS, the Roundtable on the Korean Peninsula convened at Novotel Hotel Max, Yangon this morning. It is a one day event with the participation of ASEAN ISIS Think Tanks, the IDP of DPRK and three Scholars from Korean National Diplomatic Academy and Korea Institute for National Unification. It is historic in the annals of ASEAN ISIS to have interaction between DPRK, ROK and ASEAN ISIS members for the first time. The event was co-organized with the FES, Yangon Office. All the participants highly commended Myanmar ISIS for convening this Roundtable which is timely and relevant to the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Myanmar ISIS also takes much pride and honour to initiate and hold this event bringing the two Koreas and ASEAN ISIS members together for finding ways and means the role ASEAN could play to bring peace, stability and prosperity in the Korean Peninsula and beyond. Two main issues were discussed. The first one on the “Overview of the Recent Developments on the Korean Peninsula” and the second on the “Denuclearization”. Four Scholars and three from the DPRK and ROK respectively explained their perspectives on the two issues. Panelists from the ASEAN ISIS members presented their views on how to promote and advance the inter-Korean relations as well as DPRK – US ties. A memorandum will be prepared by Myanmar ISIS and circulated among the participants. This is the last activity of Myanmar ISIS before it hands over the Chairmanship of ASEAN ISIS to the Philippines- “Asia Pathways to Progress Foundation, Inc.” which joined the ASEAN ISIS in 2018.

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